A season of change

Things are changing this summer. The biggest shift will come, oddly enough, when we *don’t* change anything. Come September we’re going to be carrying on life as we know it – Ro, our eldest firesprite of a daughter, won’t be going to school.

This continuation on our part feels momentous, moving us away from the norm and very firmly towards a life more closely aligned with our values. So this blog’s a place to capture some of how we navigate that, how we find our feet as a home educating family.

It’s a time of change for me too. Over the past year I’ve completely changed my relationship with (paid) work, set up a freelance writing business and started to think over the choices I make and what I want my life to stand for. So I’ll be writing about my own continuing education too (and try and not be too navel-gazey about it).


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