Leaving the fear behind

Our decision-making about our children’s education started out very much tied up in fear and discomfort.

We knew that we didn’t like the way primary education was going, with baseline testing, a focus (which may no longer be the focus but was looming scarily large under Gove) on a military ethos and its related values of obedience and conformity. And we thought we just did not want to be part of that, however nice the local schools and teachers were (and however much they tried to mitigate the effects of those dehumanising policy decisions).

So we looked elsewhere and the fear turned to a sense of astonishment, of possibilities. We’re so lucky to live near a number of home-educating families with older children. Seeing them in action, going about their days, enjoying life, asking questions, climbing trees shot to pieces my mental image of a rather grim household sat around the kitchen table with workbooks.

Imagine if our children could spend their childhood finding out about the world at first hand, at their own pace, getting their hands dirty, playing with friends of all ages, finding out answers to things they care about, making connections, together.

Imagine that.


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