Yet another reminder to stop

We’ve been forced to slow down this week, as littlest had a stomach bug. She has been remarkably cheerful during it all, and stoic during the gut-churny bits, amazingly so.

Only in stopping do I realise how frazzled we’ve all been. Despite approaching Autumn as a relaxed continuation for Ro (and us all) rather than a mighty leap into home educating, I see I’ve put myself under a lot of pressure to get everything ‘right’. Getting a new drama group going, seeing lots of people each day, going on holidays and weekend trips, acknowledging the worry that she’d actually prefer school (that particular furball deserves some full bloggy consideration of its own, soon).

So we’ve been racing around trying to fit everything in. And my mind’s been going round and round it all, all the damn time, as though Violet Beauregarde’s tagged me in.

This bug has been a blessing. We’ve had to cancel everything and see where the moment took us. Here’s where it took us today. We:

  • watched lots of Octonauts
  • made dens
  • went shopping with the play kitchen stuff

    finger knitted scarf for George Pig
    Dapper, blurry George
  • learned how to finger knit (At least, I did, at Ro’s request. And now George Pig has a scarf)
  • watched Mister Maker and found all the countries he visited on the globe
  • read a lot: Everyday Blessings, the Rainbow Magic fairies, Fox’s Socks, On The Way Home all featured heavily
  • baked fairy cakes for Ro to take to her friends’ house (one of which returned iced and sprinkled for me!)
  • napped

It was far simpler than I always expect – I still assume the time that’s ‘just us’ is when the girls are getting the thin end of the wedge. That they’re missing out on seeing the world, seeing other people. I underestimate how much of their worlds they create, and how much fun they have doing it. And aside from all the stuff we do – there’s that sparkle in both Ro’s and H’s eyes when they know they have your full attention. So simple and worth everything.

And the other part of this slowing down story is being thankful for friends – those that took Ro out the house to play or go to a group, those that brought food round, those that texted to ask how we’re all doing. Noticing and being grateful for the community around us.

Yet another lesson in what unfolds when you don’t over-schedule and choose to keep it simple. I’m learning. Slowly.


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